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Sunday, June 18, 2006


My birthday was yesterday. I'm the big now. Okay, okay, here's a hint. According to the Jack Benny rule, I have only one more year to age and then I'll be the age I'll remain for the rest of my life.

To "celebrate" I bought a copy of The Isley Brothers "Essenntial" off eBay for $1.58, plus shipping (which was higher than the CD, HA!) This is the 1st Isley Brothers I've actually ever owned (I know, I know... what's WRONG with me?)

Cracker just released a new CD (thought they were using the Camper Van Beethoven name exclusively these days) but I have not bought it yet. Instead, I celebrated by buying their entire back catalog for about $1.00 apiece from When the new one gets down to $1.00, I'll buy it too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new Superman movie, but am already disappointed in it. They should have completely started over instead of connecting this story to the old 70's Chris Reeve films. Instead of giving us a re-imagined Superman for the 21st century they're just offering up a tired re-tread. They should have used the John Byrne "Man of Steel" story as the basis for a new Superman (like Batman Begins used Frank Miller's "Batman, Year One"). Oh well, at least they used Byrne's sequence of Supes rescuing a space plane. I hear that scene is amazing.


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