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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh Happy Day

Red Dwarf Series 7 was released on DVD today!

Happy happy joy joy!

True, this may not be the BEST series of Red Dwarf ever, but I guarantee that it's better than anything you'll be watching on TV tonight. Well, unless, like me, you bought the DVD set and plan to watch it all in one grand marathon session tonight.

Plus, to make today even better, the entire series of The Flash was also released today.

That one is a bit tougher to call. I remember the series extremely fondly. But, that was 15 years ago, and the memory can sometimes play tricks on you (anybody watch Sigmund The Sea Monster or Banana Splits recently? Yeesh, we were some screwed up kids, us children of the 70's), so I'm not to sure I want to sully my fond recollections of the entertainment value of the series by actually, y'know, watching it again. Maybe I can just leave those DVDs sitting on the shelf and tell myself, "I'll get around to it eventually," until I am ancient and senile, and I will think it's great again.


So, now I face a major, life altering decision... Which do I watch first, Red Dwarf or The Flash?

Whichever, I have to be done with both by Sunday, because that's when the 5th season of 24 starts.

Ah! The life of a couch potato.


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