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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Break

In the grand, immortal words of the Beatles, "Christmastime is here again, O U T spells out," and that means this esteemed blogger will be taking a week, or so, off. If you're wondering where I'll be, I'll be here:

with my family, celebrating Christms. After that maybe I'll visit some friends and celebrate Saturnalia. Anyway, if you'd like a little peek into the ways that my family and I celebrate the season, here's an artist's intrepretation:


I'll be back before you know it (or want it), with lots of new ideas and fresh commentaries (Ha! Right!). Meanwhile, to everyone in America I hope you all have a happy and joyous Holiday Season, and by that I mean both Christmas and New Year's and do not mean it as some kind of secular commie leftist attack on Christmas you mindless lemming ditto-heads, I just typed it that way to save my fingers the extra workout of typing both Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... D'OH!

For all my English friends, you have something much, much more important than Christmas or New Year's to celebrate... That's right! You'll be celebrating the return of


I envy you all!

So, I'll sign off now, and go wrap presents. But, I do want to leave you all with one final thought


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