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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top 10 Albums of 2008

Yet another end of another year, and yet another time to look back and reflect on the best albums of the past year. My criteria for choosing this list is simple, these are the CDs that were released over the past year, that I've purchased, and listened to the most.

My top 10 is:

10. Marah - Angels of Destruction - I first heard these guys playing in the courtyard of an amphitheatre prior to a Who concert in 2000. What I heard, I enjoyed. They were better than the band that actually "opened" for the who that night, the since forgotten Unamerican. I liked Marah enough that I went and bought their current album, "Kids in Philly." I liked that one, but it didn't sound much like the band I'd heard playing in that courtyard. At this year's "Used Music Sale" that local NPR radio station WGLT holds each fall, I found the station selling their promo copy of this CD. Out of curiosity, I bought it (it was just $3.00) and gave it a spin. WOW! Now THIS was the band I heard playing in 2000! This is a band I want to hear more from... Much, much more.

9. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology - See, instead of putting every thought out on an album, and releasing 6 over 2 years, this is what Adams can do if he edits it all down to just one release.

8. Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun - Speaking of amazing career resurgences. Since finally confronting the demons of "Smile" Wilson has been on a streak.

7. REM - Accelerate - Finally, REM goes back to being REM.

6. Old Crow Medicine Show - Tennessee Pusher - More of Old Crow doing what Old Crow does best. And, they're better than anyone else at doing it.

5. Bob Dylan - Tell-Tale Signs - What an amazing career resurgence Dylan has had over the past 15 years such that even his cast-offs are better than most others' albums.

4. The Black Crowes - Warpaint - From start to finish, probably the BEST Black Crowes album ever.

3. John Mellencamp - Life Death Love and Freedom - A very tough album to listen to all the way through in ne listen. But, in this case, since it's an emotional rumination on mortality, that's a good thing.

2. The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely - Jack White should abandon The Whte Stripes for this band immediately.

1. Mudcrutch - Mudcrutch - Petty at his best with a band every bit as good as the Heartbreakers (well, 3 of the 5 members ARE Heartbreakers, so...)

Honorable Mention: Elvis Costello - Momofuku and Lenny Kravitz - It Is Time For A Love Revolution - Both of these guys tap into a voice they haven't used in a long time and taking a look at the first decade of the 21st century. True to their personalities, Costello is angry while Kravitz is hopeful.


  • This reminds me of one of those week-long series of music review strips that happen at the webcomic Scary-Go-Round. Only you're much more thoughtful and less trite than Shelley is.

    By Blogger Kelli, at 12:39 AM  

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