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Monday, February 27, 2006

Synergy and History

My post today is all about my lovely wife's very own blog. You can see it here:

When I arrived home from work todaym she told me that I HAD to stop by her blog and click on the link under the WOW! posting. I love history, and love when new historical 'discoveries' are made and released for public consumption, whether it be ancient texts, believed lost master tapes of hundreds of 1920's era blues recordings, or something like what she's posted. I love it all, and I urge everyone that reads this to go have a looksee and relive a turbulent, but important, time in the history of this great nation.

And, while there, I looked down at the item she posted previously. There I found a link to a media file at which is a site I used to visit regularily, before the owner abandoned it. I visited because Eric Szulczewski is one of my favorite on-line columnists and he posted there semi-regularily. Odd synergy, that.


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