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Monday, January 30, 2006

Captain Aeon

I enjoy playing City of Heroes. Why? The main reason is that when I have a bad day it's fun to bash the bad guys. Another is that I've always loved reading comics. I love the characters, I love the situations, and I just love the history of the various comic universes. So, therefore, I love being able to immerse myself into that "life," to play my 'toons and live vicariously through my PC monitor. I've always wanted to play a good superhero role-playing game, and City of Heroes the best of the bunch that I've tried... especially because you can see the fancy costumes, the maniacal villains, and the hapless victims.

I am very much a "concept" player. My heroes are all born out of a concept. I envision what I want them to be and pick costumes, powers and everything else about them around the initial concept. And this guy is a great example

I based this character on the Flash, initially. That may seem silly in a game where most characters have super-speed, but there is a difference betwen that and the characters that choose speed as a foundation powerset. However, since the game does not have just general "punches" in the methods of attacks available, I had to do a little more initial concept design. I created an origin which explains this character's super-speed through some gobbledygook about him being able to harness the static electricity inherent in shadows to allow himself to pass through air frictionless. This explains his super-speed, plus allowed me to pick the "shadow" attack set. Basically, while he can harness the energy of shadows, he can also manipulate them on a miniscule level and make them warp around his fists (and harden somewhat) for use as weapons.

For his secondary powerset, I chose "Super Reflexes" which gives him a few more speed-based abilities. I'll also be choosing "Whirlwind," "Invisibility," "Phase Shift" and a few other special powers which simulate classic comic book speed-based hero powers.

The costume also combines the shadow and speed "looks." See, the flames on his pants are there because he runs so fast his feet have caught fire. The goggles, too, serve a purpose. They keep the bugs out of his eyes when he runs super fast. Okay, so those are silly. But, it all makes some odd sense, in a goofy way.

The name is the only thing about this guy that I'm not that fond of. I wanted to dall him simply "Infinity," but it was taken. So was "Captain Infinity" and most everything else I could come up with. For a brief second, I even considered naming him "Really Fast Guy." But, a quick trip to and a look at their Thesaurus and I finally settled on "Captain Aeon." Now that I think about it, I should have tried "Shadowfist" or "Shadowspeed" or some such. Oh well.


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