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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Favorites - The Who

I love to go through my CD collection and make my own "Best Of" compilations for each artist. When I do that, I try to take my time and do it as best I can. Here are the steps I go through, usually.

1. Rip EVERY track off EVERY CD from the artist in question.

2. Sample EVERY track ripped to widdle down the final tracklist.

3. Edit beginnings / endings of tracks where necessary, to fix fade edits and dump secret hidden bonus tracks and things like that.

4. Normalize, balance and whatever else necessary to get volumes matching.

5. burn the discs

Every once in awhile, I'll post the tracklist for some of the "Favorites" discs I've made. Today, I am going to do that for The Who set I made.

Now, I do have a 4-disc version of this set, where I added all the tracks that I love from these guys, however, I wanted something more compact (2 discs) for having at work or loaning to friends. So, this is it (for now):


01. Here 'Tis (Maximum R&B boxset)

02. Leaving Here (My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

03. I Can't Explain (stereo mix from My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

04. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (alternate vocals - stereo mix from My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

05. A Legal Matter (stereo mix - no overdubs from My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

06. The Kids Are Alright (long version - stereo mix from My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

07. My Generation (mono mix from My Generation (Deluxe Edition))

08. Magic Bus (rare stereo mix from The Ultimate Collection British release)

09. Substitute (The Ultimate Collection British release)

10. Summertime Blues (single mix recreated from Live at Leeds 1995 remaster)

11. Young Man Blues (rare studio recording from Tommy Deluxe Edition)

12. Dogs, Part 2 (b-side from Tommy Deluxe Edition)

13. Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything) (The Ultimate Collection British release)

14. The Relay (Maximum R&B boxset)

15. Goin' Mobile (Who's Next Deluxe Edition)

16. Baby Don't You Do It (unreleased from Who's Next 1995 remaster)

17. Love Ain't For Keeping (unreleased Pete vocal version from Odds & Sods 1995 remaster)

18. Time Is Passing (Odds & Sods 1995 remaster)

19. Naked Eye (Odds & Sods 1995 remaster)

20. Won't Get Fooled Again (Who's Next Deluxe Edition)


01. Baba O'Riley (Who's Next Deluxe Edition)

02. My Wife (Who's Next Deluxe Edition)

03. Behind Blue Eyes (Who's Next Deluxe Edition)

04. Join Together (The Ultimate Collection British release)

05. The Real Me (Quadrophenia 1995 remaster German release)

06. I'm One (Quadrophenia 1995 remaster German release)

07. 5:15 (Quadrophenia 1995 remaster German release)

08. Drowned (Quadrophenia 1995 remaster German release)

09. Slip Kid (Who By Numbers 1995 remaster)

10. However Much I Booze (Who By Numbers 1995 remaster)

11. Had Enough (original mix (Who Are You MFSL gold release)

12. Who Are You (Who By Numbers 1995 remaster)

13. I Like Nightmares (Face Dances 1995 remaster)

14. Athena (It's Hard 1995 remaster)

15. One At A Time (It's Hard 1995 remaster)

16. Why Did I Fall For That (It's Hard 1995 remaster)

17. Cry If You Want (It's Hard 1995 remaster)

18. Eminence Front (It's Hard 1995 remaster)

One final note on this set… Disc one is a wonderful example, pretty much from start to finish, of what kind of monster the Who could be at their best. Moon and Entwistle are clearly the stars of that disc.


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